Team struggle,innovative pioneering, honest and responsible

Career outlook
The board of directors and managers to lead all staff team struggle, practicing the development strategy of the company, with full agglutination of wisdom and strength,develop Huzhou Zhanwang as the largest and most competitive power in China pharmaceutical medicine auxiliary industry field.

Development view

Adhere to Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, pioneering and innovation as the driving force, to break through the traditional mode of thinking, development model and product structure limitation, promote technological innovation, product innovation, business model innovation and management innovation, strengthen the main industry and the combination of capital operation, based in Zhejiang, facing the country and overseas, and strive to achieve the goal of sustainable development of the company.

Professional ethics

Promote sincere and trustworthy character, to the health and safety of pharmaceutical products as the first responsibility, the courage to be responsible, practice commitment to excellent quality and excellent service, create value for customers, creating opportunities for stakeholders.


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